Somerville Mayor calls for divestment

By Meredith Braunstein

“In his sixth inaugural address, Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone outlined his goals for the city, with many pertaining specifically to the environment and divestment from fossil fuels.

“Our environment, in fact, is priceless,” Curtatone, Somerville’s mayor since 2004, said in his inaugural address.“Around the world, cities are taking the lead in sustainability. As we have done in so many other areas, Somerville will lead the way there, too. So, let’s advocate together for the city’s retirement system to divest from fossil fuels.”

Many students expressed interest in the mayor’s stance. Devyn Powell, a member of Tufts Divest for Our Future, said that Curtatone’s call for divestment shows Tufts students that divestment is spreading to communities around the world.”

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Divest from Fossil Fuel Investments

By Mayor Curtatone

“In my inaugural address, I called upon our community to set a citywide goal to reduce our net carbon emissions to zero by 2050. That’s an ambitious goal, but by setting the bar high, we will not be content to nip and tuck around the edges, but will fervently take on the challenge of climate change. Our children and their children deserve no less from us, and Somerville can make a difference. Cities are collectively responsible for over 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions across the planet, according to the United Nations. We must do our part and do it the same way we approach every issue facing our city. We will study the facts and make prudent, patient investments today with an eye on tomorrow.”

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